The rest of the gay shit from week one with Genereal Y.B. and Arrai Cepheus.


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A little kitty BACC interlude

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Shit went down during week one in the Cepheus/Y.B. household.

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I open the science roommates lot and Lethe is in the plant cage

free her

I open the science roommates lot and Lethe is in the plant cage

free her


Week one with foundress Mycota has been productive, asocial, and 100% as expected. Because Mycota doesn’t do people, she does food.

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It’s a meme

I was tagged to do the Farewell to TS2/TS3 meme. Looks like this is inspired by TS4 coming out? Idk.

1. When did you start playing the Sims 2/3?

I got TS2 as a present in 2006 I think but didn’t even install it for like a year. By the time I got into it Freetime was already out lol Same thing with TS3: I got it soon after it came out, but didn’t start playing properly until several EPs into it.

2. What did you like most about the Sims 2/3?

Idk. I guess ultimately it’s about getting to share my game with other people and look at their games and creativity and stuff. Seeing the many things that can be done with the same game. 

3. What did you spend most of your time doing in the Sims 2/3?

I make sims and take pictures of them. Recently I’ve been trying to branch out into playing more challenges and making some stuff. I always did more actual playing in TS3, but it’s mostly sims and pictures as well.

4. One thing you won’t forget about the Sims 2/3?

… I feel like I just started playing properly, I’m not leaving it behind so soon. Anyway, it’d be the people I met through it.

5. One thing that annoyed you the most in the Sims 2/3?

The disgusting smiles with the mouth corners jacked up like that in TS2, and the lag, loading times and constant terror of breakage in TS3. Oh and pets, in either game. 

6. How has the Sims impacted your life?

I met some people through it who are embarrassingly important to me now.

7. Will you be playing the Sims 2/3 after the release of the Sims 4?

Oh absolutely. TS3 hasn’t made me leave TS2, so I don’t think that TS4 will impact anything about how I play at all, unless it unexpectedly turns out to be the most amazing thing ever and makes me forget to like eat and shower, nevermind play other things. And even then I’d probably return to TS2 and TS3 eventually.

tagging everyone who wants to do this, including theboldandthebeautifulsims, simtroverted, thesimsgates, zoragraves, alle-sims, bonnypixels, no pressure, sorry if you’ve already done it.

Look at this nerd.

Look at this nerd.

Last settlers, wooooooooo! And it’s the science roomates/girlfriends/who knows.

Styx Kuiper (glasses, 8/2/5/4/5 | Virgo | Knowledge)  and Lethe Opik  (hat, 2/6/6/6/5 | Aquarius | Knowledge) met in university which they both ended up leaving soon thereafter. Styx got an actual degree in biology, while Lethe did engineering and just kind of… drifted into doing less and less schoolwork in favor of her own projects and got herself kicked out. Instead of applying to go back next year Lethe convinced her newly unemployed friend to go and illegally colonize space together.

And turns out there’s a whole big terraforming lab in Azha Lake! However, the two of them hadn’t anticipated that obviously all the valuable and/or dangerous equipment would have been removed, leaving little more than the building’s outer shell and some of the more boring flora that was used to support the new atmosphere and soil building process. And of course what is left is nearly 50 out of date.

Oh well, they’re already there, aren’t they? Might as well stay, it’s not like anything better is likely to come up. The scenery is nice enough, they got a roof over their heads for free, and there’s a bunch of people already there. Oh come on, Styx, it’ll be an adventure!

You guys, the thing. BACC. Space. I’m still doing it. 

Twins - in the broader sense - Ganymede (5/8/2/7/3 | Taurus | Popularity) and Bauble (7/7/2/5/4 | Taurus | Pleasure) Altair

Two ridiculous adult children whose parents were, like, nagging about them going to school or whatever. And who, accordingly, decided that it was time to make it on their own, bc fuck u mom, who’d you think u are, we only have 6,25% of ur DNA anyway!!! we don’t need a job, we’re gonna go to space!! and live in a warehouse and it’s gonna be awesome, ok, we don’t need you!!!

So they got their throw pillows and nice curtains and costume jewelry, and leave for Azha, because wasn’t it like supposed to be a fancy vacation spot? Yeah, at one point it was. Good luck, kids.

I have been trying to house.

The joke is that I haven’t got any sims anywhere who can even remotely afford a nice home lol.

alle-sims replied to your post: fraulinefive replied to your post: we …

it’s true. Well. I liked the post because I love M&G, anyway.

I’m playing around with it rn, and I totally get it now. there is some lovely stuff.

simtroverted replied to your photo “Remember the last time Gordon aged up into inexplicable hotness? As…”

Yes, you did try hard. The exact quote is, “gave him a higher neckline at least” :D

So hard, I know. And it’s not like the neckline even matters if I’m not having him wear clothes.

You’re right, our icons are confusingly similar bc I just went, “HEY WHEN DID I POST TS3???”

Ikr. I think I’ll change mine, bc this is weird. But it needs to be the same sim so it’ll have to wait and continue to confuse us until I get around to taking pictures of him on a white background.

fraulinefive replied to your post: we are approaching the end of 2014 and…

M&G is best expansion. roofs.

so I’ve heard!

Who remembers nerdface legacy spare Leto Felicis and her children?

Witch twins Austin and Chasity and their vampiric baby brother Ernesto are a bunch of improbably adorable heterosexuals, having kids and living seperately from their spouses for financial reasons or because Story Progression is weird like that. Austin and Ernesto have toddlers and babies, but Chasity. Chasity has a daughter with Kira-green hair who is so cool and I love her and I am an idiot who forgot her name.