Mycota Cervisiae, formerly known as Yeast Sim

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Mycota has never been an actual misanthrope, but her natural introversion and apparently nonexistent sense of humor, whatever that even is, caused her to feel alienated from her peers from an early age on. People are weird and messy, so Mycota prefers gardening and making bread. 

After some deliberation (she made a list and everything), Mycota has come to the conclusion that the optimum lifestyle for her would be that of a self-sufficient hermit. So she packed up her few belongings, and used what money she had saved up to buy some supplies, plant seeds, and a cab ride to the far side of some remote planet’s sattelite.

What she experienced upon arrival was the intergalactic equivalent of feeling like the first person to set foot into untouched nature, right until you notice all the used condoms and beer cans scattered around your feet.

Welcome to the Azha Sea settlement.

The Azha Sea is of course not an actual sea, but a large crater on the far side of some tragic burning planet’s only moon. Accordingly it can only be observed from space, which it was, presumably for the first time, some 80 years ago by interplanetary hotel giant M* (name omitted to protect the wealthy and lawsuit-happy). The remote location, picturesque meteor-wrecked landscape, and breathtaking view of the fire storms and rainbow-coloured explosions on the planet below within a day’s hike from the crater itself promised  a popular holiday destination, if the little moon were polished up a little. 

Then came a whole lot of negotiations - however useless the little moon was to anyone but the tourism industry, there’s no bit of space that isn’t already somebody’s property - and advertising campaigns and proudly displayed blueprints and terraforming timelines in M* office buildings. Then of course followed embezzlement charges, settlements, investment cancellations, death of the project.

What we are left with is a semi-stable probably safe atmosphere, a pond with some lichen around the shore, the unsightly concrete box that was the temporary terraforming lab, and a couple of warehouses. Nobody has set foot onto that moon in nearly 50 years. 

Well, almost nobody. Nobody of importance, certainly.

Cutest alien townie

Cutest alien townie

Yeah I like these two a lot.

Science Roommates (Girlfriends?)

I have no self control, the space BACC is happening.

Oh god I wanna do a space colony BACC

but I haver no time, a dozen started sims projects, and no space CC

but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant :I


I ended up making a sim for the March challenge after all.

Darren vs Dirk Dreamer’s bedrooms.

supoctopus replied to your photoset
lol I have this pairing in my ts2 game. bubbline 4evr

they are perfect, aren’t they

Good Genes challenge proves that Sam Cordial and Lazlo Curious should breed.

Good Genes challenge proves that Sam Cordial and Lazlo Curious should breed.

The Good Genes challenge has given me Jimmy Phoenix babies, bless the Good Genes challenge.

Corrosive the second.

Corrosive the second.